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Invest In Yourself

While we may first arrive at information about self-help or manifesting due to wanting to be grow or wanting to have a specific person or thing. However, the journey to achieving your goals and becoming the best version of you is about no one and nothing else but you.

Deciding to start improving yourself/your life or shifting into manifesting consciously are the two biggest and probably most beneficial investment you will ever make in your life. Ultimately by deciding to shift your view of the world from being with 0 control to being able to change your life, you unlock an infinite number of realities, experiences and opportunities that you can choose. You can have so many goals, dreams and aspirations BUT you must make a commitment to yourself.

Your life right now is created by you: your filters of yourself and the world, your behaviour, your responses, your choices, your beliefs of what you deserve and what you are worthy of. Therefore if you want to change anything YOU are the only one that needs to change. YOU have to commit to YOU.

Step out of the autopilot view that things are happening to you without you having any control. Step into your power, acknowledge that control that you have over your own mind and accept the endless possibilities that are available to you.

Thoughts of someone or something being in your way may be coming into your mind right now, but think about this: Is that thing or person really a barrier to me having what I want? Or do I simply perceive them as being one? The only person that can ever limit you is YOU. By saying that you will never be able to have what you want, you are giving your power away.

When we think of everything we have right now, there was a first for that creation: planes, phones, WiFi, splitting the atom. The though of creating or doing something that had never been seen or done before would have seemed impossible to even the brightest of minds, but here we are today. So yes, your goals are achievable. You can have any goal that you set your mind on, but first you have to step out of your own way.

Make the commitment to change the way you view yourself, and the commitment to persist in thoughts that support the best version of you. Make a commitment to having faith in yourself and trusting in the process. It will be one of the best decision you ever make in your life, but it all starts with your thoughts. You don't have to feel you have no power anymore. Now you have this awareness and it's your choice. You can decide whether you want to remind on autopilot living a less than perfect life or you can start making this change.

Your thoughts become feelings. Your thoughts become beliefs. Your thoughts drive your responses, your reactions, your choices, you behaviour. Your mind holds more power than you could ever imagine.

Change you thoughts and that alone will start changing your life.

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