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You Are Made of Stardust... No Joke: Your Chemical Connection to the Universe & How to Use it

Did you know that you are made of stardust? I'm not kidding or exaggerating! It may sound like a poetic metaphor, but it's actually a scientifically proven fact.

The elements that make up your body were forged in the hearts of dying stars billions of years ago. This means that we are literally made of the same stuff as the stars that light up the night sky. Pretty amazing, right? But what does this mean for our connection to the universe? I’ll go through some of the science with you in a simple and easy to understand way (your logical mind will thank me for this), then I’ll explain why this is relevant and how you can use this knowledge to help you live your best life.

Firstly, Why Are You Even Talking About This?

I actually heard about this research while in a 'Soul and Body' class at my local Yoga House. The class has become one of the weekly rituals I’ve put in place to encourage myself to be more present and grounded, and each week we are given some food for thought. Francesca (the teacher) started this session by asking if we knew about our bodies being made of stardust and the science behind it. Many of us (including me) shook our heads. Needless to say, I was intrigued by the topic, so much so that I made a mental note to tell you guys about it. I sat down immediately when I got home and what followed was some extensive (yet enjoyable) research.

I’m intending that by sharing what I've learnt, you will feel inspired, empowered and maybe even a little enlightened too. As usual, take what resonates and leave behind what doesn’t.

Ready? Let's jump straight in!

stardust composition in human body

Unpacking the Universe's Secrets: Elemental Style

Astronomer Carl Sagan famously says in his book "Cosmos" that "we are all star stuff". He goes on to explain that the elements that make up our bodies were forged in the crucibles of dying stars.

When a star runs out of fuel, it undergoes a massive explosion known as a Supernova. As this happens, the star releases newly created elements such as carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, which make up the building blocks of life in the cosmos. So when scientists say that we are "made of stardust"... they aren't exaggerating or making some kind of science-y joke. They simply understand how cosmic evolution has led to the world we know today.

"The Nitrogen in our DNA, the Calcium in our teeth, the Iron in our blood, the Carbon in our apple pies were made from the interiors of collapsing stars." ~Carl Sagan
human biochemistry and the universe

But What Does This Mean For Me?

Now that we've established that there is a connection on such a deep molecular level, we can explore the fundamental link between us and the universe. While some of this may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, there is a growing body of scientific research that supports the idea that our thoughts and intentions can have a measurable impact on the world around us. When we start to look into research and examine evidence that may support how our thoughts and intentions have a measurable impact on the physical world, there is an endless supply... The only thing is that researchers don't use the exact same wording!


Some believe that our chemical makeup may allow us to communicate with the universe through our thoughts and intentions. An example of this is biophotonics, a theory which may be linked to quantum mechanics based on the idea that our bodies emit a type of energy called bio-photons. These subatomic particles are in a constant state of vibration and these vibrations interact with the electromagnetic fields around us. This would mean that by focusing our thoughts and intentions, we may be able to change the energy that we are sending out, altering the electromagnetic fields around us and playing a more active role in things that occur in our lives. This is where quantum physics enters the ring, exploring the relationship between consciousness and the physical world. Quantum physics provides a really interesting perspective, but I'll leave that discussion for another day and another blog post. Instead here's a fascinating bit of research that shows the potential importance of your mind on the world around you:

Example Time: The Intention Experiment

The Intention Experiment is a series of scientific studies conducted by Lynne McTaggart, exploring the power and impact of intention on the physical world. The experiments involved groups of individuals focusing their intentions on specific targets, such as healing the sick, changing the pH of water, and influencing the behaviour of random number generators.

The results of these experiments have been fascinating. For example, in one study, the group individually focused their intention on a selection of seeds. While the growing environments were the same, the results showed that the seeds that were focused on (internally through intentions) grew faster and taller than those that were given no focus. In another study, a different group focused their intention on a jar of water and guess what! The pH of the water that had intentions set on it changed significantly!

Creating Your Best Life: 'With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility'

I hope that you are feeling at least a little bit empowered or inspired? We are part of something bigger on a fundamental level and that is an exciting thing to know. Why? Because if the remnants of a dying star can evolve so much to create the abundance of life that we now experience, then we can see that nothing is ever dead but in a state of change, which can lead to something more beautiful than we could ever imagine. If we were once part of stars, if our mind, our thoughts, and our vibrations are communicating on a molecular level with everything around us, then perhaps we do have more of a say over what we experience. Perhaps the possibilities for our lives and the world are endless. Perhaps if we focus our intentions on our goals and desires in a way that benefits us, we can bring them into reality.

The human mind has created so many wonderful things: planes, the internet, AI, amazing art, stories, and our sweet sweet WIFI. Our potential is unlimited! Even if you don't want to go on to be the next Da Vinci, Katherine Johnson, or Wright brother, I hope knowing about how your DNA is partly made up of stardust (plus your energetic connection to the universe) will encourage you to question your limitations, your potential, your power, and your abilities every day.

A Bit Wishy-Washy and Woo Woo?

Whether you believe in manifestation, religion, or nothing at all, we are connected to this universe and the world around us on a fundamental level - Fact. I know when people talk about manifesting or your ability to consciously create your life, it can sometimes sound so "woo woo" and almost unprofessional as if it has no scientific theory or backing behind it. I understand that's partly because some choose to explain without using the abundance of research, we have available or appealing to the logical parts of our minds. I can say right here with 100% confidence that our thoughts have a more significant impact than words can explain, and regardless of if we use the word 'manifesting' or not, we are still either consciously or unconsciously creating our lives.

Research points towards the human mind being more expansive and having a larger role than we ever could have imagined. As I said, it's just a case of interpreting results and theories when the wording varies! I've conducted my own research on the impact of self-concept and self-esteem. I have looked into studies on the impact of visualisation, affirmations, positive habits, intentions, belief systems, perspective, mental filters and locus of control (the amount of power you perceive yourself as having in your life). All of these topics have so much research behind them that says they are important, that the techniques can work to help change someone's life with many theories as to why. Funnily techniques and reasoning behind manifestation shares similarities with those found in psychology, NLP, and quantum physics. There are positives and negatives to all studies, but we can still find golden nuggets to learn... I should know. I've read a looot of research papers in my day, and I continue to absorb research like a sponge (so you don't have to). It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make and one that I happily volunteer as tribute for.

Back to the point, the truth of the matter is that it doesn't matter what name you call it (e.g. placebo effect, a higher power, self-concept shifts, quantum entanglement, the law of attraction, the law of assumption, manifestation, etc). What really matters is what you do with the information you are provided with. Have a healthy dose of scepticism (as is expected) but remember that people were once adamant that the world is flat. Four new elements have been added to the periodic table in the past decade alone. What I'm trying to say is that we learn new things every day and we will continue to grow and learn if we question the things we know.

For now, all I ask is that you think more about the power of your mind. If you acknowledge and accept that you play an important role in what you experience, you will have so much more power and fun in your life!

Now that's out of the way, let's move on to a few pointers for application!

connecting with the universe through our chemical makeup, beautiful space picture to inspire and talk about manifestation

Easy Application: Who Needs Complexity?

So, what does all of this mean for our everyday lives? As we know, your thoughts decide your feelings, responses, reactions and actions. We can also use the information we've just learned about the impact of our intentions.

Let's start simple. Right now, I want you to consider the thoughts you have as you go about your day. Pick an area of your life (career, relationships, anything), pick a thought (this may be about your worth, your abilities, or what you expect to happen) and ask yourself:

  • Do I think this on repeat? If yes, how often?

  • Does this thought support me in having what I want or is it the opposite of what I want?

  • How does this thought make me feel?

  • Do I feel that this thought would support me in experiencing what I want? If the desired thing/opportunity turned up, would this thought hold me back?

  • What thoughts would be more supportive?

Generally try to notice:

  • What do you think that makes me feel good?

  • If my mind really does have an impact on everything around me, then what thoughts should I be thinking?

  • Does my thoughts encourage me or put me down?

  • Ask yourself: What do I want to experience today? Is it possible for me to have this?

When we look at positive psychology, we understand that by focusing on positive thoughts and intentions, we can create a more positive and harmonious environment for ourselves and those around us. Positive thoughts and good self-esteem have been shown to make amazing changes in both our personal and professional relationships, as well as in our overall sense of well-being. These questions will guide you in making changes to your thought patterns, changing your assumptions, and building new beliefs. This will eventually change how you respond and act. In terms of conscious creation, this internal change will help you manifest changes in your relationships, career and well-being. That's all manifestation boils down to: making an internal change which produces an external result. Simple.

All of the information we have gone through in this post may have given you a greater sense of connection to the universe and the world around you. Understanding this connection can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. This in turn can inspire us to make positive changes in our lives, to view ourselves as interconnected with everything around us instead of isolated and alone.

Take some time to reflect on how you can use this knowledge to improve your life. Consider practicing meditation, setting intentions, and focusing on positive thoughts. Remember, you are made of stardust! Embrace your cosmic origins, the potential empowerment that provides, and see where it takes you. The possibilities are endless!

I hope this post has been an inspiration to you! If you're feeling inspired to explore the possibilities of creating a more fulfilling life, I invite you to book a free discovery session with me. We'll discuss your goals and aspirations, and how I can help you tap into your own inner power to manifest the life you desire. Click here to schedule your free session today!

If your interested in the Soul and Body class or knowing more about Francesca/her content, you can find her on Instagram - Francesca Filippa (@francescafilippa). Francesca has some really thought provoking and encouraging content on self acceptance and creative self expression. She doesn't know I've written this... this is my honest recommendation for her content and her classes. You won't regret having a look! Fill your socials with as much goodness and positive people as possible, it makes all the difference!!


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