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Trusting The Process: How To Get What You Want

When it comes to manifesting, changing mindsets or implementing techniques, some people forget an important detail. They forget to trust the process. This is one of of big differences I have seen between those who reach their goals and those that don't.

What do I mean by trust the process?

Some people will jump from technique to technique, self-help book to self-help book, manifestation video to manifestation video INSTEAD of implementing ONE process and TRUSTING it may work.

Instead of mentally preparing themselves to succeed, they mentally prepare themselves to fail. This may be in the form of assuming that something that has worked for everyone else will not work for them, or already looking for an alternative technique/book/video before even allowing the process they are currently doing to take effect.

This behaviour implys a lack of faith. It also implys that you lack the thing that you desire. From a manifesting perspective, focusing on lack will keep you in an unfulfilled, lacking life. From a psychological perspective, focusing on lack will inhibit your ability to truly thrive. This "it's not working/I don't have it" lack mentality, reduces your levels of wellbeing and happiness and can leave you feeling helpless, overwhelmed, and anxious with 0 control over your life.

Whether you are looking at this from an understanding of manifestation, Neuro Linguistic Programming filters or a basic knowledge of psychology, you will understand that focus on the absence of something only breeds more absence. Focusing on lack will not give you what you want.

Your mind is a powerful thing and we have to apply our thoughts in support of what we want to achieve our goals.

While keeping you without the improved mindset or thing you desire, jumping from technique to technique or process to process can cause burnout. It will keep you stuck, tired and frustrated.

If you have no faith that something will work for you, then you are willing it to fail. This can be done unconsciously or consciously, but ultimately neither are benefiting you.

You can watch lots of videos, read hundreds of books, apply technique after technique BUT they will only work when you mentally entertain the possibility of them working for you. Trust that what you have already applied WILL, IS or CAN work for you.

This is where you don’t give up! Don't give up your trust in yourself or the process. Your trust in the process will support you in reaching your end goal. TRUST IS KEY!

This does not have to be complete an utter trust, you may still have the occasional doubt but return to the trust in the possibility that you can be/do/have what you are trying to achieve. Trust that what you have done is enough and that somehow it will work out for you.

The decision to trust something can be a conscious choice. You can choose right in this moment to trust that you have done enough. You can choose right now to have faith that the process is working out for you.

If you are having coaching, you can choose to have trust that what you are currently doing is supporting you or decided "oh this won't work for me". Whichever you choose, you are right.

If you are taking classes to improve your self-worth, then you can choose to trust that the class will support you in improving the way you feel OR choose "oh this doesn't work". Whichever you choose, you are right.

If you've done a technique or meditation to focus on manifesting something, then you can choose to either trust that what you have done is enough or to live in "why hasn't it worked yet?! I must be doing it wrong. It doesn't work". Whichever you choose, you are right.

The choice of trust and ultimately the choice of success is something you can consciously choose. It is a choice only you can make.

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't - you're right" - Henry Ford

You may have heard this quote before. It means that your attitude/your focus will determine your success.

I understand how this feels, I have been there myself. I'm not saying you can never feel doubt or worry. What I am saying is that you should return to trust and optimism... it's a much more comfortable place to be and it opens you up to more opportunities.

Since I know you all like affirmations, here's four affirmations to support you in making the shift:

  1. Somehow, someway everything is working out for me.

  2. This is working in my favour.

  3. I have done the process and that is enough.

  4. I have faith that this works for me.

Stop looking for more books, videos or techniques. Stop asking people on forms and comment sections if it really works. Take a moment to trust what you have already done, trust the process, trust that everything is working out for you. Then take a deep breath and go and enjoy your day. Find things to do that you can enjoy or at least focus completely on.

Even if you have to remind yourself everyday - choosing to trust with come with peace and eventually a confidence that you can achieve anything you desire.

All it takes is a choice.

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