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Getting What You Want Now: Powerful Intentions

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Firstly, I'd like to wish you all the best for 2022.

I've been inspired to share this post with you today to help you to manifest anything you desire this year. The power of setting intentions and guiding your focus can get you so far in life if you are consistent.

As we all know, the new year is often a time for resolutions. Often we make these resolutions without the intention of them actually lasting till the end of the year. We've all done it and been there, there's no shame in this! But what if we could start setting intentions to manifest what we desire, how would that effect us? How would we go about doing this in a way that is maintainable and actually helps us to see the results we desire?


Throughout the year, set regular intentions on a daily basis. I see intentions as pretty much the same as an affirmation, so I use both of these words interchangeably. I do see affirmations as a natural and easy way to manifest; we have mental chatter going on all day so this is essentially just directed positive mental chatter that changes our lives for the better.

Key: Persist with your focus. If you want a new job, don't just intend or affirm once! Every time you think about work or your future or money or life, affirm and intend that you have the job/it is possible. Affirm in the morning, afternoon, and the evening. Consistency!!

Sometimes we can just affirm/focus on the desire once and BAM the manifestation happens BUT (I say this loud for the people in the back) this is only at times when we have little resistance to the desire manifesting. In the cases of things we perceive as being big or important to us, we have to persist in our focus of having or experiencing our desire. So anything like winning the lotto, a specific person/love/soulmate, getting a new job or a new house (aka anything that is put on a mini pedestal) requires persistent focus.

So I've said essentially focus, focus, focus on your desire BUT when I say regular and persistent, I mean spread out over the day. To be blunt, DO NOT TRY TO FOCUS 24/7. Why not?

  1. It will make you tired and frustrated

  2. It will project lack because you're trying too hard to make something happen

  3. It will say to the universe or your subconscious 'hey...I really don't have this' and you get more of what you focus on essentially (lack makes lack even if it's dressed up as abundance, so please be honest with yourselves about your affirming)

  4. It is essentially completely unnecessary

Yes focus on your desire, intend and affirm, focus on the possibility but also engage in your life. Enjoy your life, even if it's just the little things (hence why I chose today's main picture)! Focus on your present moment, even if it is doing chores or just going for a walk. This is the 'letting go' side that Law of Attraction talks about sometimes. It's about balance.

To clarify, this may look like:

Meditation on desire. Focus on your life. Affirm for a while. Focus on your Life. Affirm again. Focus on your life. Enjoy a mini visualisation & acknowledge it is possible. Focus on your Life.

I hope this is helpful to some of you, I know someone really needed to hear this (I paused doing my Masters case study and consultancy project for this... my deadlines are in under 3 days, so this was very inspired action). Leave me a comment if you need any clarification! May your 2022 be full of abundance and love

If you have been finding it difficult to know where to start, are feeling overwhelmed or want support and accountability, then I am here to help! Book a free discovery session or a coaching session with me today. Also, sign up at the bottom of this page so you can be notified of any other tips and tricks or "words of wisdom" I have to share!


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