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Track your progress, snuggle up with some self-care and add more joy to your life with some gratitude. See the results you desire with our journals and planners.

Gratitude Journals & Self-Care Journals

Improve your life with daily self-care and gratitude. See more styles on Amazon!

Originally starting as a meditation channel that now teachers over 1 million YouTube views, Fundamentally You helps individuals across the world manifest a life they love. At Fundamentally You, we believe that you deserve to feel confident, loved and empowered. From our coaching and custom mediations to our journals, we aim to help you reach your potential and live a happier, more fulfilling life.


Cultivate Gratitude, Positivity and Mindfulness - this Gratitude Journal by Fundamentally You allows you to appreciate and find joy in your life more for at least 5 minutes a day.

  • Designed by a Positive Psychologist with scientifically backed research - This 5 Minute Journal for women and men uses Positive Psychology interventions such as 'Three Good Things' and 'Gratitude Visit' to support you in experiencing the benefits of gratitude. Specially crafted for positive manifestation, and to help you identify and acknowledge your skills and strengths. Improve your confidence and feel happier as go about your day.

  • See the benefits - Improve your happiness, wellbeing, physical and mental health by introducing gratitude into your day. Improve your mood, sleep, self-esteem, relationships, energy, career and decision making with this easy to use journal.

  • Research and 'how to' guide - This wellness journal comes with a small introduction to support you in building better habits, making the most of the gratitude journal so you can see the effects faster. Set up to make getting started and staying consistent easy. This book will train your mindset to focus on what’s truly important and to find things you appreciate, which is the key to a successful, fulfilling, happy life.

  • Bored of repetitive journals that just repeat themselves everyday? - Various prompt styles to keep the journal interesting. This positivity journal has enough pages for around 3 months/ over 100 days of gratitude with additional space to start your bullet journal or make notes.

  • Undated, with additional bullet journaling section - Use the bullet journal space for notes, reflection and continuing your gratitude. Make a personalised routine by choosing your own date - begin jotting down your thoughts whenever you’re ready.

  • Classy, Beautifully Designed Daily Journal With Prompts - Start your day with appreciation and/or end it with deep reflection using our wellness journal. The perfect 6 X 9 paperback size, so that it can slip in a bag. These journals with prompts are covered with a beautiful pattern and they come in different colours to suit your style.

  • Be Inspired - Thoughtfully designed prompts for over 100 days of Gratitude. Complete the challenges, daily highlights, questions, inspirational quotes, spaces for affirmations, and self-reflection.

  • Easy-to-Follow Guided Journal - Simple, thoughtfully designed and very effective. This five minute gratitude journal provides writing cues to encourage you. Different daily prompts to give you variety and keep it enjoyable and fun. Thought-provoking prompts that are just enough to get you focused on things to be grateful for, but not too many that it becomes a chore.

  • Ideal Gratitude Gifts - Everybody deserves a life of joy, love, peace and happiness. Give your friends and family the gift of gratitude. Give them a mindfulness journal that they can use daily that will transform their life in just 5 minutes a day!

  • Ideal for busy people who find it hard to find time. You could spend 5 minutes or 20 minutes on each day depending on how much time you have.

  • Self help and self care book - If you are looking for unique, spiritual, relaxation, self-care gifts then this positivity manifestation, affirmation and mindfulness guided journal is just for you. Gift the journal to yourself as an act of self care and give yourself the gratitude you deserve.

  • Make Notes - Use the dotted notebook pages as a bullet journal, a diary or just somewhere to keep track of your to do lists and plans. Make this planner/journal/diary work for you!

What's inside

  • Inspiring quotes

  • Varied gratitude exercises

  • Bullet journal

  • Challenges

  • Gratitude prompts

  • Gratitude activity ideas

  • Research and tips on how to see results & build a gratitude habit

  • Space for highlights and reflection to grow and improve



Unlike many other gratitude journals, this one is actually engaging. Because there is so many different gratitude tools and task, it is really immersive to fill it in. Great Christmas gift for someone who is into journaling.

— Sofja Romanenko

(Amazon Review)

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