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When They Say ‘This is Easy’… They Mean it


We spend so much time over-thinking it. Wondering ‘am I doing this right?’ or ‘I wonder how other people did it’ (except everyone is you pushed out so thats a bit of a weird loop there) or ‘I don’t understand, I can’t do this’ which then just puts you into a state of lack and projects more confusion.

While Neville may have some sections that you have to read twice or out loud for it to click, there are parts that are so blatant and bold in their simplicity. For example these 2 lines from Awakened Imagination (the Coin of Heaven):

We imagine the wish fulfilled and carry on mental conversations from that premise.” “As we control our inner talking, matching it to our fulfilled desires, we can lay aside all other processes. Then we simply act by (/in) clear imagination and intention.” ~ Neville Goddard in Awakened Imagination

All you have to do to manifest anything is imagine it as real, then continue with mental conversations from the state of it being done whenever you think of it. This means you don’t wonder about how and when because in your mind (which is more real than the ‘3D’) IT IS DONE AND HAPPENING NOW. Whenever a thought that doesn’t match the state of it being done comes up, you replace it with your new set of thoughts matching your imaginary scene.

Imagination of the fulfilled desire + inner speech from the end = “seeming miracles are preformed” Simplified by me

We go around having so much mental chatter and mini imaginary scenes throughout the day. We create constantly from this, without going into SATs or doing any other techniques. So imagine if you switched all that chatter to beneficial/in the end inner speech and imagination. Imagine how fast everything would shift because you are essentially cutting off the oxygen to everything other than your new story and supporting your new version of reality.

From this perspective, you’d automatically do SATs, script, and affirm from your desire because the thoughts, the written words and scenes you imagine would all be from the end.

There are some brilliant writers on here and they help a lot but if you’re not going to the source of all the information as well …then how committed to this shift are you?

Don’t. Overcomplicate. This. For. Yourself. (I was there once… never going back LOL)



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