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Email Coaching: Everything You Need to Know

Curious about Email Coaching? Want an example? Here's everything you need to know!

How Email Coaching works?

After purchase, you will be able to download the coaching contract which also explains this process in detail. You then sign it and send it to the email address on the contract. In your first email, you give a detailed description of how your situation is now and where you want to be. My reply will be starting the coaching process using questioning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, Positive Psychology and other tools to support you in reaching your goals.

Why should I have Email Coaching or any form of Coaching?

Life Coaching encourages you to think, do and see things from new perspectives. Coaching unlocks new ideas, thinking patterns, self coaching skills and self-awareness that you may not have applied before. In Email Coaching, I am able to notice repetitive thought patterns, beliefs that may be blocking your progress, get a sense of your emotional state and provide recommendations of techniques or alternative perspectives to support you in reaching your goals.

Sometime we simply need someone to point out a pattern or phrase to understand where we were being held back. Coaching in both email, group and 1 to 1 forms will help you transform your thoughts and actions by highlighting both stumbling blocks and solutions to you.

I will note that coaching it is not a case of me instructing "do this and this" and you having to follow those my exact steps to get your desire. In the case of reaching mindset related goals, the fact is that YOU know YOU better than I do. Therefore, simply directing you to do something would not be always be the most effective method because it ignores your beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Your mind plays a vital part in the process of goal achievement. This is why all my coaching is completely personalised to you. I am here to help you have massive realisations, deeper understanding and profound clarity. I will also support you in applying and developing as you make steps forward.

What about tools and techniques?

I may suggest techniques that I sense will be helpful to your process, but you are welcome to accept or reject any tools or perspectives that do not resonate with you. If this is the case or something isn't working for you, then we can look at alternatives and customise them until they do. This may range from Positive Psychology tools, physical activities, or manifestation related options.

What is the format and length? How detailed?

In terms of formatting, emails would be around this level of detail (where possible) containing questions for you to think about, an alternative perspective of the situation, any recommendations, affirmations, Positive Psychology tools, techniques and reasoning for the suggestions. Emails are designed to allow you access a deeper level of understanding and awareness to help you achieve your goal.

If you prefer bullet points, essay style or simplified formatting, then this can also be arranged. I always check periodically over the coaching to see if you would like any changes to be made to the layout.

Examples and scenarios are often used to make sure their is a high level of clarity, but questions can be re-phrased where needed.

The length may vary slightly, but I aim to be as detailed as possible. You'll never have to worry about only receiving a small paragraph, my emails are always the length of a blog post and completely relevant to your goal/situation.

How long do I take to reply? Is it private?

I always reply within 24 hours maximum on weekdays for email coaching (but I always aim for replying in a few hours when I can). Confidentiality and privacy is always upheld, meaning that anything you say in emails will stay between us. The only exception for this is if you say that you may harm yourself or someone else - if I ever have to break confidentiality for this reason then I will inform you before doing so (all of this is explained on the contract).

How much does it cost?

Coaching is currently discounted with a bundle of 5 detailed email replies at £16 each (£80 total). I'm experimenting with what works best for my clients, so we can personalise the number of emails if you feel there is something more suited to your needs.

Here's the link for email coaching, in case you'd like to have a look: - I feel the layout is more enjoyable from a desktop, so I'd recommend having a look on a laptop. Mobile view is fine as well, but I'm still working on the design so the layout is not quite as attractive as I aim for it to be.

Can I really achieve my goals? Will coaching help me?

I have seen and felt the positive effects of coaching with clients and with myself. It does take some focus, but I do believe that if we commit to the process then we can achieve any goal we set our minds to.

In every coaching situation (regardless of the circumstances), I completely believe that you have all the answers you need inside of you. Coaching is here to support you in unlocking your potential, gaining answers that you may not have been able to access by yourself. Even Email Coaching produces a level of accountability that will motivate you to progress further than ever before.

What areas of mindset can I bring to Email Coaching?

We can focus on many areas of mindset to get to your desired goal. This may mean that we examine areas such as self-efficacy, confidence, self-worth, beliefs about you and relationships, your money mindset, your perceptions of your own strengths and your general thoughts about your situation. Depending on how you feel after this, we can start discussing putting strategies and techniques in place to help you feel better, more confident, and more focused on your end goal.

What if I want to change topic?

We can start on one topic and if anything comes up, we can refocus and re-clarify on the goal. I will check throughout that the process is benefiting you and how you are feeling about the current goal as well as your progress.

What about manifestation?

If you have an understanding of manifestation and would like to be coached from that understanding, then just let me know in your first email. You can choose if would you prefer coaching that includes this perspective or coaching without it (where I will use more general Psychology based explanations). I have seen clients have great success with both approaches, so this choice is purely about what would feel comfortable and natural to you.

So that's it! I hope this has helped you in understanding Email Coaching with me would be like. If you have any further questions, please do contact me and I'll be happy to answer them.

Ayleigh x


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