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Clarity: Manifesting in Simple Terms

Recently I’ve been intending to have more clarity about manifesting and how to live the best life possible. I simply intended and then let it be – allowing myself to be answer mode rather than constantly questioning ‘how’ and ‘why’ (which can only ever lead to more questions). The answers quickly appeared and the clarity and new understanding of the simplicity of manifesting has hit me like a ton of bricks.

We all seem to live generally quite complicated lives but perhaps manifesting is not at all as complex as we first think…

I have realised that underneath all of the techniques: revision, meditation, scripting, affirming and more… there is one thing and one thing alone common amongst them that manifests…

FOCUS. Your Focus is the key to manifesting anything you desire.

Think about it. We manifested even before we became consciously aware of it; all those “I was just thinking of you” or those “I knew that was going to happen” – All manifested and not by techniques. We did not sit down and affirm 333 times that anything would happen and we did not persuade ourselves that it was already done… we simply guided our focus onto one possibility for longer than another. Long enough for that focus to manifest.

Thoughts are focused attention. Beliefs are reoccurring focus. Persistent assumption is consciously focusing.

Neville says “you don’t get what you want, you get what you are”… but are we not that which we focus on? A poor man focuses on being poor and a rich man focuses on being rich. Someone in love focuses on love and someone hurt focuses on feeling hurt.

This is a focus based world. We get what we are focused on.

I spent some time thinking about how to make this clearer, what has been the common thing that has caused my focus and intentions to manifest…

I came up with this… simply

IT IS: your focus from the point of ‘I already have this/I AM this’ or ‘this is possible for me’ that manifests.

IT IS NOT: focusing to get something or force something to happen because that has an underlying focus of lack.

When I first got into Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption, everything felt so complicated but now I see the simplicity of it all and hope that my posts can help you do the same.


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