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Each email will provide a response breaking down the information you have provided about your situation, describing any techniques and how to carry them out, alternative perspectives and mindsets, and asking questions for clarity. These are intended to help you move past limiting beliefs, break through any resistance and have breakthroughs to your desired outcome. Any techniques or tools suggested are purely recommendations, you are open to accept or reject these options. 


All emails are PERSONALISED - responses are tailored specifically to you. 

All emails are HIGHLY DETAILED - various examples, scenarios and definitions are given to support understanding. All tools are personalised to you.


This email coaching is great if you have a busy schedule and need to the freedom to communicate in a flexible environment. If you enjoy frequent communication during the week to help work through a problem. If you are a thinker - you like to have time to think things over and reread emails before replying.


Note: We can include any specific beliefs/perspectives of life, just let me know. E.g. manifestation related emails may be a mix of coaching and consulting/mentoring.

'Boost Me Up' - 5 Email Coaching

£195.00 Regular Price
£145.00Sale Price
  • Email coaching follows a simple process to help the coaching start as fast as possible.

    1. Add the coaching bundle to your cart

    2. Open your cart, checkout and follow the steps to complete your purchase.

    3. Once you have paid, you will be shown a 'thank you' checkout page and you will receive a link to download your Email Coaching Contract.

    • A link will also be emailed to you with your purchase confirmation

    4. Please read the contract, and sign it

    5. Follow the clear 4 steps on your Coaching Contract to know:

    • how to title your email

    • what information to include in your 1st email

    • what email address to send this to

    6. Send your signed contract and information to the email address on your contract

    7.  Coaching begins: Your coaching will start from the 1st reply I send (which will be an email coaching you based on the information you provided).

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