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Ultimately, coaching is about self-empowerment through self-awareness, self-management and increased self-efficacy/self-belief. It is always a collaborative process where the client and coach are equals, while drawing on innate strengths and resources.

For some people, many areas of their life can pop up across coaching sessions. For others, a specific single focus may be more beneficial. Throughout my coaching, goals are reviewed periodically to ensure that sessions continue to meet your needs.

As a Positive Psychology coach, the overall big picture goal may be in one or multiple of the areas listed below. Consistently over sessions, we will examine your strengths, strategies, performance and well-being, while applying Positive Psychology interventions and techniques to make the changes easily measurable.

What My Clients Say

Tijestelle S. - Entrepreneur 

Ayleigh has honestly been amazing, she has already helped me move so many rocks that were blocking my path to success & it’s only session 4. I can’t wait to see what else she can help me uncover! I’m not sure I’ll ever stop ranting and raving about how impactful working with her has been!

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